This page serves as a record of all important events and all decisions made by consent of members of Piedmont Ecovillage. Decisions shown here have been made according to principles of sociocratic governance, either in community meetings or by other approved methods.

May 2023
Checked in with Powhatan Planning Commission and made sure they have the zoning proposal.

March 2023
Checked in with Powhatan Planning Commission and made sure they have the zoning proposal.

July 2020
Checked in with Powhatan Planning Commission and made sure they have the zoning proposal.

March 2020
Submitted zoning proposal to Powhatan Planning Commission. Read it here.

August 2019
We learned that the 2019 Long-Range Comprehensive Plan was approved on June 24, 2019. It is available here. In communication with the Planning Commission, it was suggested that we hold on submitting our zoning proposal until the new year as all members of the Board of Supervisors are up for reelection this year (with new members taking office on January 1, 2020). Several members of the Planning Commission are running for seats on the Board of Supervisors. In late September Piedmont Ecovillage members will meet to get the zoning proposal finalized.

April 2018
Booth at Powhatan’s Earth Day celebration.

February 2018
Attended Powhatan Board of Supervisors Comprehensive Plan Workshop. Submitted a proposal to the Fannie Mae Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge.

November 2017
Made another presentation to Powhatan County officials: Bret Schardein, Director of Community Development, Ted Voorhees, County Administrator, Julie Kurnos , Planner in Planning & Zoning Department

October 2017
Powhatan Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting – We sat in on the meeting as observers and talked briefly afterwards to County Administrator and a consultant on contract to Powhatan County.

September 2017
Powhatan Planning Commission Comprehensive Plan Update Meeting – talked to planning staff

August 2017
Made a presentation to Powhatan County Planning & Zoning Department

June 2017
Booth at Richmond Vegetarian Festival

November 2016
First annual Celebration of Tiny Houses event

September 2016
Booth at Richmond Peace Festival

August 2016
Booth at Human 2.0 Festival

July 2016
Booth at Richmond Vegetarian Festival
Hosted guest speaker Ted Millich’s presentation on sociocracy

June 2016
Business plan development begins in earnest

April 2016
Group presentation at Vegetarian Society of Richmond event
Booth at Powhatan Earth Day Festival
Booth at Richmond Earth Day Festival
Group visit to Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Brock Environmental Center

December 2015
Meeting with cohousing pioneer Chuck Durrett to talk about community-based agriculture

October 2015
501(c)(3) application completed
Logo completed and approved
Group presentation at “Discover Cohousing” event

September 2015
Weekly priority task list meetings begun

August 2015
First meetings with attorneys
Tour of Heathcote Community

June 2015
Bylaws completed and approved
EIN and corporate bank account established

May 2015
Membership levels defined and approved

April 2015
Community participation at Richmond Earth Day festival

March 2015
Articles of incorporation approved and submitted to Virginia SCC

February 2015
Website launched
Department circle meetings begun
First paid memberships submitted
Board of Directors elected
Articles of Incorporation completed and approved

January 2015
“Piedmont Ecovillage” name selected and approved
Community vision/mission statements completed and approved
Department circles defined and staffed

November 2014
Transition of founding members

October 2014
Tour of EcoVillage of Loudoun County

June 2014
Community presentation at “DIG RVA” event

January 2014
Decision to use sociocracy as a governance method

September 2013
First visits to prospective properties

June 2013
Tours of Westwood Cohousing and Earthaven

May 2013
Meetup group established; regular meetings begin