Thanks for showing an interest in becoming a member. Our goal is to assist those interested in a Healthy, Affordable, Regenerative and Productive life. This includes people interested in our project or their own. To that end all of the information we create will be open sourced via the Creative Commons Non Commercial license. Simply put it’s available for free to individuals and not for profit organizations. We are always looking for people willing to pitch in.

The membership levels described below are our current policies and subject to change as the group grows and acquires land.

Levels of participation


1. Basic Members

If you would like to find out more about Piedmont Ecovillage, please join us at monthly meetings (check us out at or if you aren’t in the Richmond metro area just contact us.

A yearly subscription of $10 is available by clicking on the button here.

2. Exploring Members

If you think Piedmont Ecovillage is right for you, you can become an Exploring Member by:
A $100 annual membership fee (renewable every January)
As an Exploring Member, you will receive a lifetime basic membership, voting rights, two ecovillage related work events and the guaranteed best price on your first lot.
You can pay for your exploring membership by clicking on this button.


We would like to invite eco-friendly businesses to subscribe for a yearly membership. As an eco-friendly business we will display your business name, logo, and url in a prominent area of our website and facebook page.

Other memberships will become available after we acquire land.