Many people ask us a few common questions about the status of our community so far. We’ll keep you updated with answers to these questions on this page.

Have you purchased land yet?

We currently do not have land. Our intention is to create the ecovillage on 15-30 acres in one of the counties surrounding Richmond, Virginia. We feel strongly about living in a rural area, but we still want to be within 30 minutes of emergency health care, basic shopping facilities, and job opportunities. At this time we are leaning toward Powhatan County, but a final decision has not been made. (Last updated: November 2016)

What is your timeline for moving in?

We have not set a target move-in date.  The planning and design phase for creating an ecovillage can take between 2-5 years depending upon the commitment and motivation of the founding group. (Last updated: November 2016)

How big is your group right now?

Most forming communities usually start out with a few passionate individuals leading the charge, and Piedmont Ecovillage is no exception. The community has received great contributions of time and inspiration from many people along the way, several of whom have made clear their intention to jump in with both feet once we buy land and put shovels in the ground. (Last updated: November 2016)