We are concerned about reducing our carbon footprint and have a strong desire to employ sustainable practices in our lives. We believe that together we can substantially lessen our impact on the planet much better than we can as individual households.

Our members have no shortage of ideas on ways we can make this happen, including:


  • designing our homes in ways that substantially reduce home energy use
  • employing green building practices and local products in all structures
  • trending all buildings toward smaller footprints
  • implementing reconfigurable spaces in common structures


  • harnessing renewable power for use on common property
  • encouraging off-grid living in residents’ homes
  • pursuing the construction of a “micro-grid” that allows the community to be energy independent

Land Use

  • landscaping the community following permaculture practices
  • designing the community to preserve natural space
  • maximizing the land to provide for community gardens and shared spaces
Paying it forward

After our community is established, we aspire for Piedmont Ecovillage to someday serve as a non-profit education center to share what we’ve learned about green building practices, alternative energy use, and other principles of sustainable design.