We welcome new members who are interested in creating a thriving community which fosters social interaction, is environmentally responsible, and encourages creativity, collaboration, and diversity. We are looking for persons willing to develop new sustainable solutions that benefit our community and the environment in which we live.

Our membership policy is designed to give both newcomers and existing members sufficient time to get to know one another and develop positive, supportive relationships. The first step to joining our group is to participate in one of our open meetings. Our meetings are posted on Meetup, Facebook and our calendar page.

The membership levels described below are our current policies and subject to change as the group grows and acquires land.

Levels of participation

1. Participants

If you want to find out more about Piedmont Ecovillage, please join us at monthly meetings of our general membership. At our meetings, we discuss the latest business and practice consent-based governance to advance the work of our community. Arrive 30 minutes prior to the main group meeting if you’d like to hear a quick overview of our community and ask us questions.

Participants at meetings do not have voting privileges, but they are welcome to provide input into the proceedings if they wish.

A voluntary donation ($3 would be great) is requested of participants to help cover the costs of the meeting.

2. Exploring Members

If you think Piedmont Ecovillage is right for you, you can become an Exploring Member by:

  • Filling out the Exploring Membership Agreement
  • Contributing a non-refundable $100 annual membership fee (renewable every January)

As an Exploring Member, you will establish a closer relationship with Piedmont Ecovillage by gaining access to certain documents, communications, and meeting minutes; by attending and contributing to monthly whole-group meetings; by actively participating in the community’s circles and other projects; and by continuing to explore if this community is right for you.

After spending at least six months as an Exploring Member, you can choose to apply for Associate Membership.

3. Associate Members

When you know Piedmont Ecovillage is right for you, you can join the community by:

  • Completing our screening process, which includes a questionnaire, a background check, and a community-wide review of your questionnaire
  • Contributing a $100 non-refundable application fee
  • Signing an Associate Membership Contract, which confirms your promise to pay a site reservation fee when you become a Resident Member
  • Contributing a non-refundable $100 annual membership fee (renewable every January)
  • Contributing a one-time joining fee (amount to be determined), part of which is refundable if you change your mind within six months

As an Associate Member, you are considered a full member of the community. You can propose measures and participate in the community’s sociocratic consent-based governance (voting) process. You are also responsible for contributing a specific amount of time per month in service to the community through participation in circles and other projects.

4. Resident Members

As a Resident Member, you will co-own Piedmont Ecovillage and have equal voting rights as every other resident member. You will take physical, cultural, and financial responsibility for developing our ecovillage. As a Resident Member, you can live in the ecovillage, you can hold a home site, and you can build a home on your site.

We have not yet finalized the details of resident membership; however, we have acknowledged that substantial financial and social commitments will be required of each resident member. Please join our community and help us determine these important details!